School Assemblies

Utah Food Allergy Network (UFAN) is proud to introduce a fun, educational and interactive school assembly about the importance of Food Allergies for kids!  With kid-friendly images and exciting games, this 30 minute assembly has been a hit among Utah elementary schools!

Assembly Cover Slide

UFAN takes care of all the presentation and speakers.  Schools only need to contact us to set it up.  All materials have been approved by our medical advisory board.

Utah schools are encouraged to take advantage of our accompanying Anaphylaxis Training for teachers, administration, school nurses, staff, aides, substitutes, food service staff, bus drivers and anyone in between.  UFAN provides an in-depth open forum about food allergy basics, signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, importance of stock epinephrine and more.

If you’re a school administrator, contact us now to schedule your school’s assembly and training! If you’re a parent, be sure to let your school know of this great opportunity!

Teacher Testimonials:

“It was an important topic many are unfamiliar with….I love hearing about the things that need to be done for allergies and everything going on with kids these days.”

“The assembly is well done!  I absolutely loved the glitter demonstration and thought the kids did as well. Keep it up!”

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